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More Photos from “The Runaways” Press Conference – Mar 13th, 2010

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Kristen May Make an Appearance at this year’s Sydney Film Festival

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, who star together in the coming film The Runaways, may make an appearance on the red carpet at this year’s Sydney Film Festival.

The movie will make its Australian premiere during the annual festival, which runs from June 2 to 14. A source close to the organisers has revealed talks are taking place for a possible visit from Stewart and Fanning.

Scottish star Ewan McGregor may also be in talks to visit for the premiere of his new film The Ghost Writer, but a publicist for the festival would not say anything official yet: “Regarding Kristen, Dakota and Ewan . . . unfortunately we cannot confirm anything at this stage.

Stewart stars as ’70s rock legend Joan Jett in the biopic film and Fanning plays Cherie Currie, the lead singer of Jett’s band. The pair even share an on-screen kiss.

McGregor, meanwhile, stars in The Ghost Writer as an author penning the memoirs of a former prime minister of Britain, played by Pierce Brosnan.

Also adding to the buzz surrounding the festival, British graffiti artist Banksy is rumoured to be staging a stunt for the premiere of his film Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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Jennifer Stone: Kristen stewart was the Perfect Joan Jett

Little known fact about Jennifer Stone? She auditioned for the role of Joan Jett in The Runaways!

The 17-year-old actress dished to JJJ at Disney’s Friends For Change shoot yesterday afternoon that she actually auditioned for the part that ultimately went to Kristen Stewart.

Jennifer shared, “I’ve always loved Joan Jett and when I heard Kristen Stewart got the part, I was like, ‘Totally get that.’ She did a phenomenal job. I watched a lot of Joan’s YouTube videos to get in the mindset of the part. She’s such a great role model for young girls that I didn’t want to screw anything up. I’m so happy Kristen got that part.”

When we asked if she would recast the movie, Jenn told us, “I wouldn’t recast. It was flawless. Everyone — Dakota Fanning and Kristen, did a fantastic job. There isn’t anyone who I’d recast.”

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Another New The Runaways Still

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Runaways Sputters; What Went Wrong?

After more than four weeks since its limited release and it’s broader release April 9, Joan Jett biopic “The Runaways,” is sputtering at the box office.

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning provided plenty of star power and the early reviews, while not overwhelming, were generally good.

Yet the film only did $285,000 over the weekend, and has grossed about $3 million since it’s release, which is still well shy of its modest $10 million price tag.

The film’s average per theater is $1,214, or about half of what it was a week ago, according to Box Office Mojo. That usually means a lot of empty theater seats.

As of this weekend, it was playing in about 243 theaters and the take is down 37 percent from last week. The film played in 39 more theaters this weekend, but whether more will be added remains problematic.

That left “The Runaways” ranked 17th among releases currently in theaters.

In contrast, the weekend’s No. 1 film “How to Train Your Dragon” pulled in $20 million from a little over 3,800 theaters, averaging about $5,229 a theater.

Probably the biggest problem facing “The Runaways,” is it’s R-rating, which makes it difficult for a large segment of Stewart’s Twilight fan base from seeing the film, without being accompanied by an adult.

Robert Pattinson’s “Remember Me” has grossed almost $19 million domestically after a six-week run. It cost $16 million to make, and is doing well overseas. The film also has a PG-13 rating, which opened the doors to his legion of young “Twilight” fans.

While The Runaways also got fairly good reviews, drawing a 68% score on movie Web site, Rotten Tomatoes, many reviews were lukewarm, and big city newspaper reviews as well as influential music fanzine Rolling Stone tended to be negative.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote: “Say what you will about the Runaways — they never played it safe. The movie does.”

A.O. Scott of The New York Times chimes in: “The movie may be a little too tame in the end, but at its best it is just wild enough.”

Kyle Smith of The New York Post also gave it a tepid review: “Amusing though it sometimes is, the closest thing the movie offers to a reason for its existence is the post-Runaways success of Jett,” he wrote.

Betsey Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times outright panned the movie, although she gave props to Kristen for her acting, largely laying the blame on Writer-director Floria Sigismondi.

It’s a shame for Kristen. Although “The Runaways” was shot on a shoe-string indie budget, it was her first feature role outside of the “Twilight” series. Now, it’s back to Bella, for the actress.

Stewart will next swing back into the media campaign for “Twilight” sequel “Eclipse,” which hits theaters in June.

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New Photos from The Runaways

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Kristen Stewart’s The Runaways Holds On: Box Office

The Kristen Stewart-Dakota Fanning vehicle The Runaways added $285K to its box-office total this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. Directed and written by Floria Sigismondi, the biopic’s cume currently stands at $2.98 million. (Cost: $10m.)

The film’s per-theater average, however, was once again low for a movie in limited release (243 theaters): $1,214, or about half of what it was a week ago. (Another 39 theaters were added this weekend.)

On the positive side, The Runaways’s drop-off rate was relatively low, 37.1%. (Last week it jumped a whopping 182% following the addition of dozens of theaters.) Now, next week’s performance will depend on how many theaters will want to keep The Runaways on their schedule. If it sheds dozens of theaters, the film may suffer a steeper drop-off rate.

As I’ve mentioned before, The Runaways, much like Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me, will likely find a larger audience on DVD/pay-per-view. Considering its low $10 million cost, it should end up in the black as well.

The Runaways has been greeted by mixed reviews. But generally, Dakota Fanning (as Cherie Currie) and particularly Kristen Stewart (as Joan Jett) have received positive-to-enthusiastic notices.

Also in the film’s cast are Michael Shannon and Tatum O’Neal.

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