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New Eclipse Movie still of the Newborn Vampires!

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Available For Pre-Order: “Eclipse” (paperback) Featuring Bella, Edward & Jacob On The Cover

New version of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” (paperback) featuring Bella, Edward & Jacob on the cover is now available for pre-oder at

(Release date is set for May 25th 2010)

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Eclipse promo pic from Sanson Ice Cream

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Eclipse #3 for The Biggest Summer Movies of 2010

3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Opening Day: June 30

Pros: Arguably the most passionate franchise fanbase of this era and the most action packed of all the films which means guys might not have to be dragged by their significant others after being bored through “New Moon.” “Eclipse” is also the first installment in IMAX (higher ticket prices factor in) and to be released in the teen-friendly summer season.
Cons: The “backlash” is over, but are the fans still as excited as they were for the first two films?

Projected Box Office: $330 million
Lowdown: $300 million is guaranteed, but it “should” do much more than that.


The Biggest Summer Movies of 2010

Will Woody, Jacob or Tony Stark come out on top?

At the beginning of the summer movie season you can make a case that every picture has a chance to be a hit or, at the very least, a profitable performer. Unfortunately, that’s never quite the case. Theatrical distribution is as much game of strategy and marketing as it is about the quality of a picture and in that scenario there will always be winners and, boy, will there be losers. 2010 is no different.

Looking over this upcoming season, many of the hits are easy to spot. “Iron Man 2,” “Toy Story 3,” “Sex and the City 2”? Easy dough. It’s when you look more carefully at the release schedule that the toss ups come into play. Is “Get Him to the Greek” another Judd Apatow-produced sleeper hit? Can Katherine Heigl go four-for-four with “Killers”? Is “The Last Airbender” the launch of a powerful new franchise for Paramount? Can Jake Gyllenhaal become a real action star and break the video game movie jinx in “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”? The answer may be “yes” across the board, but that doesn’t mean those films or others will make the list of top ten grossing movies of the season. That’s for the true high rollers and much harder to determine. Maybe.


Final Eclipse Trailer with Arabic Subtitles

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Final Eclipse Trailer with Romanian Subtitles

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