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Kristen Stewart vs Keira Knightley for Wanted 2?

Kristen Stewart is facing competition from British beauty Keira Knightley.

Keira is said to be top choice with Twilight teen Kristen to replace Angelina Jolie as the new hitgirl on Wanted 2. “As soon as Angelina declared herself out of Wanted 2, Keira was in the running,” says a movie insider.

“The producers feel she and James McAvoy can bring the same kind of chemistry to the project as they had on Atonement. Kristen is the other choice but it would be very much a different dynamic. “One of them look certain to get the role.”

Angelina’s character, Fox, was killed off at the end of the first film, but director Timur Bekmambetov had previously told of his plans to bring her back in the second installment. “We know how to do this, but it’s still tough to do, because there is a bullet inside her head,” he said. “But there has to be a reason for her to come back — and we know the reason. I think we found the reason for her to come back.”

Kristen is scheduled to film the fourth Twilight film, Breaking Dawn — which will be released in two parts — around October this year; although the film’s producers have not yet specified a start date for shooting, which has affected actors involved with which other projects they are able to take on.

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Carrie Mulligan Is The Rumored Favorite To Star In ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Over Kristen

Carrie Mulligan Is The Rumored Favorite To Star In ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Over Kristen Stewart! K-Stew fans, can you believe this? We KNOW you don’t want to see this huge role go to Carey! BFFs — when we polled you earlier this month, a whopping 83 percent of you said you’d rather see Kristen Stewart, 20, play computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in the movie adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books over Carey Mulligan, 24. But now the UK’s Times Online is reporting that Carey, a huge fan of the Dragon books, is inching ahead in the competition — she’s even won over the family of the book series’ author, Stieg Larsson!

Lisbeth, the books’ leading lady, is a rough-around-the-edges bisexual — a role K-Stew is all too familiar with (Runaways, anyone?) The book was already made into a movie in Sweden, but this new American version is going to be a BIG deal. If done right, we think the role could even be Oscar potential for Carey or Kristen!

Here’s what a few of you told us earlier this month in support of your girl K-Stew:

1. emma: Kristen should get the part for many obvious reasons. … Kristen all the way. No arrongance, no over the top attitude, a very wise, dedicated, and polite young woman. she should get it !!!!
2. brynne: the obviously choice is K.Stew. If you’ve seen the Runaways and her other movies then you know that the girl can act. Carey is amazing but she wouldn’t carry this role.
3. Kate: I’ve read the books and I can not see Carey in the role – she looks too sweet and delicate. Kristen would rock this role…she’s edgy, gorgeous and definitely has the right attitiude.

Keep showing your support for K-Stew, BFFs! It ain’t over till that contract is signed!

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Robert Went to go see Burlesque? (Article)

Robert Pattinson turned up in Camden last night to show his support for a fundraising event held for the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The event was held at Proud Camden a unique live music venue. R-Pattz was seen dancing and cheering on the bands and paid special attention to the burlesque girls, who put on a provocative performance in honour of their special guest.

Sadly for the female guests R-Pattz night came to an abrupt end when a guest DJ announced to the crowd that the Twilight star was there prompting R-Pattz to make a quick exit.

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The Biggest Summer Movies of 2010

Will Woody, Jacob or Tony Stark come out on top?

At the beginning of the summer movie season you can make a case that every picture has a chance to be a hit or, at the very least, a profitable performer. Unfortunately, that’s never quite the case. Theatrical distribution is as much game of strategy and marketing as it is about the quality of a picture and in that scenario there will always be winners and, boy, will there be losers. 2010 is no different.

Looking over this upcoming season, many of the hits are easy to spot. “Iron Man 2,” “Toy Story 3,” “Sex and the City 2”? Easy dough. It’s when you look more carefully at the release schedule that the toss ups come into play. Is “Get Him to the Greek” another Judd Apatow-produced sleeper hit? Can Katherine Heigl go four-for-four with “Killers”? Is “The Last Airbender” the launch of a powerful new franchise for Paramount? Can Jake Gyllenhaal become a real action star and break the video game movie jinx in “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”? The answer may be “yes” across the board, but that doesn’t mean those films or others will make the list of top ten grossing movies of the season. That’s for the true high rollers and much harder to determine. Maybe.


Robert – Does he have the potential to be the next Johnny Depp?

Robert Pattinson has leapt to such meteoric heights with Twilight that I am compelled to compare him with his veteran counterpart, the super sexy Johnny Depp.

Hollywood’s sexy actor Johnny Depp who, at 46, gives the young breed of actors a run for their money is considered (and rightly so) the world’s sexiest and most stylish man alive. Besides being a gorgeous-looking hunk, he’s one of the finest actors to have ever graced the showbiz industry. His vitality on the sets is infectious and he never fails to showcase his versatility that he always carries in his heavily-laden armour.

Now, it’s true that Robert Pattinson has just kissed stardom and he has to prove his mettle for years till he can step into the shoes of Jack Sparrow. But, does he have the potential:

The points in Rob’s favour are:

1. His unmatched sexiness
2. Those toxic eyes and that cold, penetrative stare
3. His wit
4. His amiability and overall persona
5. His style (Rob is the trend setter with his messy hair and hooded jackets)

However, a few elements that Rob needs to work on are:

1. His acting (Rob has to take it to a higher notch to come anywhere near Depp)
2. His craft of dialogue delivery
3. Choice of films (as a post-Twilight Pattinson will be carefully scrutinised)
4. His dedication and passion for cinema (He nurtures feelings for music that may see him take his acting a tad recklessly)
5. His comfort level before the camera (he needs to shed all inhibitions that he recently showed while filming bed scenes in ‘Bel Ami’). He must realize that when the camera starts rolling, he no longer remains Pattinson but transforms into his character wholly.

Dear readers, I have presented before you the stats that came up to my mind. Now, it’s your turn to take an unbiased stance and prophecy whether he will be the next Johnny Depp…


Britney Could be Feminism’s Newest Heroine

Britney Spears blazing a trail for feminism? Who would have though it? And yet, last week, the pop princess, formerly known as popular culture’s biggest casualty, forged a new identity for herself — that of brave pioneer, helping to tear down the unrealistic goals of physical perfection modern women aspire to.

It seems unlikely that the girl who brought us Hit Me Baby One More Time, serving up seduction in a schoolgirl skirt, should have grown up into a lady who now seeks to debunk the myth and the marketing around current conceptions of beauty. And yet that is exactly what she’s done. She’s gone where no star of her level of celebrity has gone before. She shot a recent ad campaign for Candie clothing, in which she appeared in a pink swimsuit and high-heeled shoes. But instead of simply signing off on the glossed-up, slimmed-down retouched version of the pictures, as would be standard practice, she’s also released the same shots before any computer wizardry took place. Sans airbrushing, sans retouching. Just Britney, raw and unpolished.

Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve seen her like this. Courtesy of the countless paparazzi documenters of her day-to-day life, the public have been treated to many shots of her looking less than perfectly glammed. We’ve been treated to close-ups of her acne, her bad hair days and her cellulite. Every imperfection has been carefully catalogued, circled in red, and commented on in magazines. This sort of bitchy exposure of the truth, however, is motivated only by jealousy and insecurity. It cheapens the self-image of the viewer as much as the image of the star.

By revelling in a celebrity’s imperfection, all we do is compound a culture of criticism which we then turn upon ourselves. It’s simple schadenfreude. And the grim pleasure we take in identifying famous flaws not only further elevates the red herring of perfection, but sets women against each other in pointless pursuit of it.

By Britney releasing these pictures, she not only sidesteps this grubby practice, she renders it redundant. By publishing the before and after pictures side-by-side, Britney exposes more vividly than we’ve ever seen before the exact mechanisms which are employed to create the chimera of body perfection. They myth falls down in front of our eyes. Those unflattering paparazzi shots of saggy bottoms and blotchy skin splashed over glossy pages like evidence of some kind of failure are, by this simple gesture, sort of neutralised. Indeed, if more female pop stars were as brave as Britney in revealing the way they really look, they might find themselves less dogged by the snappers who are paid fortunes to catch glimpses of A-list cold sores and rolls of fat.

“Britney’s proud of her body, imperfections and all,” an unnamed source said. And it’s a pride she, of all people, has certainly earned. Just two years ago the world watched while the pop princess nose-dived into psychological meltdown. And how did the teen star, whose whole identity had been a marketing image, choose to register her frustration and rage? She let herself go. She put on weight. She shaved her head. Surely these were the ultimate acts of defiance from a girl who had been brainwashed into believing that the best measure of her personal value was grounded in how pretty she was, and how well groomed.

Britney’s been to hell and back. She’s risked losing her career, her looks, her children and her sanity. Now it seems, she’s well on the way to regaining them all. She was raised to define herself by an empty media image. An image which she then deliberately tore down.

And, as these recent pictures prove, she’s managed to establish a sense of herself based on something much more rooted than how glossy, shiny and perfect she looks on the pages of magazine.

It’s only through developing proper confidence that she could afford to be so magnanimously open about how she really appears.

The generous gesture to other women in revealing herself, flaws and all, arguably marks the total rehabilitation of her self-esteem. If the marker of confidence is self-acceptance there could be no better demonstration of the latter than to broadcast one’s imperfections to the world. And to do so in the interest of making the rest of womankind more self-accepting? Well this makes her nothing short of a contemporary feminist heroine. Sylvia Pankhurst she may not be, but there’s a courage to this new Ms Spears that few other pop pin-ups could ever lay claim to.


What Will Happen to Robert Pattinson after Twilight: Breaking Dawn?


Before Twilight: Robert had the honor to have a key role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory. In what might be the weakest of the Potters, Bob Patty was actually the bright spot in the film.

After Twilight: Much like Stewart, Pattinson seems determined to play similar characters that are reserved and pouty. I was disappointed he chose to do REMEMBER ME and figured he would have chosen a role that could show off his acting chops and not something that cloned his Edward character.

Prediction: Pattinson’s biggest obstacle to making it as an A-list actor is his looks. I know that sounds strange, but the guy looks like a porcelain doll and I don’t think he’ll be playing any action heroes any time soon. That leaves serious dramas and love stories, which really limits what he can do. However, I can see him taking over the romantic comedy genre from Hugh Grant in a few years. Also, pre-teen girls are a finicky bunch and heartthrobs don’t tend to last very long. I give him a 40% chance of being relevant 5 years after BREAKING DAWN.