With the insane hype surrounding anything with the Twilight series, I thought it would be fun to go through some of the series’ main stars and review what they’ve done and try and predict where they’re going. I want to be clear that I’m not a Twilight fan, but am going to attempt to clearly critique each star and the potential each of them possess. They’re huge now and every pre-teen girl loves them, but after THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE and the two TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN movies, the Twilight gravy train will be dry. It’s always nice to guess who will be the next Mark Hamill and who will be the next Harrison Ford.

So to start things off, we’ll look at the two main stars of the film; Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. After the Twilight series is over, neither of these stars will have to work again. They can spend their days watching soap operas and then hit up the Twilight conventions when they need money. But both of them seem to have a desire to have successful careers, but I’m not sure either will succeed.


Before Twilight: Kristen was really the only Twilight alum to have a career before the series began. Others had done a movie or two, but she actually had some great performances in a variety of films. Her debut was in David Fincher’s PANIC ROOM where she played the sickly daughter of Jodie Foster. It was a great debut and she followed it up with a couple of kids movies and then as the troubled, tomboy in In the Land of Women.

After Twilight: She continued to get roles that required her to play the quiet, whiny high-school girl in films like ADVENTURELAND and INTO THE WILD. She did well in both films, garnering some critical acclaim for each. But the most exciting non-Twilight role is in the upcoming THE RUNAWAYS where she plays Joan Jett. Aside from that, she continues to do the same types of roles and that could prove to be her downfall. Obviously, everyone gets old and she’s eventually going to have to stretch her talents to something more than playing a troubled teenager.

Prediction: It’s tough to gauge her acting talent because she’s milked the teenage-angst angle so much over the past five years. Her role in THE RUNAWAYS didn’t do as much for me as I was hoping and it was basically Bella, but with a butch hair cut. However, given her non-Twilight success already, I give her an 80% chance of being remembered 5 years after part 2 of BREAKING DAWN.

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