Leave it to Courtney Love to tell us how she really feels.

Just days after the media reported that Twilight star Robert Pattinson was her pick to portray her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, in a biopic about his life, the rock & roll widow shot down the idea as “so stupid” in a Canadian interview.

“Who would cast him?” she scoffed. “That’s just wrong, no offense.”

Though she later tweeted of her fondness for him, it seems Pattinson has three strikes against him: Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. While Love admits that the teenage girl inside of her gets RPattz mania, she would prefer someone with a bit more street cred to play her late husband.

Now I will agree with her on one thing: Ryan Gosling would be perfect for the role. Here is an Oscar-nominated actor who is respected in Hollywood, and he’s not such a big celebrity that his involvement would distract from the ostensible star of the film: Kurt Cobain. (Though I must say that the meatier role just might be Love herself, which I hope and pray does not go to Scarlett Johansson, Love’s No. 1 choice.)

When I first heard about the Cobain biopic, the first actor who sprung into my mind was Gosling. Not because he looks anything like Cobain, and at 29, he’s two years older than Cobain was when he died. But Gosling has the intensity and presence to nail the character and elevate the material way above a standard-issue biopic.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Emile Hirsch in the role. He’s the perfect age (25), and his delicate features bear a closer resemblance to Cobain than any of the other actors I’ve heard mentioned. But he doesn’t scream rock & roll. Neither does James McAvoy, the second actor Love would apparently like to see play her husband.

Personally, I think she should give Pattinson another look. Though he’s made his name playing a vampire in two blockbusters that appeal primarily to young girls, his pre- and post-Twilight choices indicate that he’s angling to be a sort of Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor who takes on challenging roles rather than going after the easy money.

Sandwiched between the first two Twilight films, he played Salvador Dalí and had his first onscreen love scene — with a man — in Little Ashes. And of his next three films after Eclipse is released later this year, two will be adaptations of novels, one will be the directorial debut of actress Madeleine Stowe (The Last of the Mohicans), and he’ll be keeping company with such Oscar bait costars as Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz, Rachel Weisz and Kristin Scott Thomas.

And there won’t be a tween magnet in sight.

In one of the films, Unbound Captives, he’ll play the son of Weisz, and he’ll speak Comanche, a Native American language, throughout the film. His character is kidnapped as a child, and when his mother finally finds him years later, with the help of a frontiersman played by Hugh Jackman, he remembers nothing about his life with her.

So Pattinson is obviously willing to stretch and prove that there’s more to him than Edward Cullen. In the early ’90s, when Jamie Foxx was playing the fool on the skitcom In Living Colour, who would have thought that a little more than a decade later, he’d be accepting an Oscar — and pretty much every other accolade Hollywood has to offer — for perfectly embodying the spirit of the late, great Ray Charles in Ray?

It could happen for Pattinson as Cobain, too, if only someone would give him the chance.

Source via RobPattzNews and spunk-ransom