spiralstatic13 (works for Flaunt Magazine This is what they said:)

I actually work for Flaunt Magazine, and I stumbled upon this post and wanted to set the record straight!

Kristen Stewart is the cover story of FLAUNT Magazine’s April Spring Fashion issue “The Census Issue,” which features Kristen in a 14-page story, including both an in-depth interview and 11 new, original photographs by renowned fashion photographer Yu Tsai. My current user picture is the magazine’s cover.

The magazine is printed on a combination of luscious papers (Kristen’s feature is on a gorgeous, elite linen), and the outside cover is a re-imagined paper replica MCM handbag. This issue will augment collections the world over, and fans are welcome to pre-order copies directly through our office.

The issue itself costs $8.95, shipping is approximately $10.00, and fans are welcome to purchase copies by credit card or by checks made out to Flaunt Magazine. My e-mail address and phone number are listed below (which you are welcome to post on your site).

Pre-ordered issues will be available to ship in two weeks. This issue is very likely to sell out on newsstands!

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions!


Note: Don’t buy the issue yet until it is confirmed with a bigger legitimate photo of the cover.

HQ Scan Source: kstewartfan