Indie Wire on the Runaways Performance this weekend:

This was supposed to be the weekend that Floria Sigismondi’s music biopic “The Runaways,” starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, was supposed to expand to 1,000+ screens. Instead, and potentially due to a good-not-great first few weekends in limited release, the film went to 204 screens across North America (up from 84 last weekend). The result was actually something distributor Apparition should be quite happy with. Grossing $470,000, “The Runaways” saw its per-theater-average boost up from $2,173 to $2,304 despite the screen jump. That brought its total to $2,517,000.


Alt Film Guide on the Runaways Performance this weekend:

Kristen Stewart – Dakota Fanning’s THE RUNAWAYS Jumps 182%: Box Office
At 204 screens, the Kristen Stewart-Dakota Fanning vehicle The Runaways added $470K (+182.2%) this weekend thanks to the addition of 120 sites, according to Box Office Mojo. Its per-screen average, however, was low for a movie in limited release: $2,304. On the other hand, the good news is that The Runaways actually boasted a per-screen average increase after more than doubling its number of theaters. That’s quite unusual. Generally speaking, per-screen averages drop when there’s a surge in the number of theaters screening a particular movie.

Last weekend, at only 84 theaters, The Runaways averaged $1,981; the previous week, at 237 screens, its average was $1,920. Something was done right this weekend — I’m not quite sure what; Kristen Stewart’s 20th birthday celebration? — to bring more butts to more theaters seats. Directed and written by Floria Sigismondi, The Runaways has been greeted by mixed reviews. But generally, Dakota Fanning and especially Kristen Stewart have received positive-to-enthusiastic notices. To date, the Joan Jett-Cherie Currie biopic has grossed $2.51 million in North America. It cost $10 million.

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