After reading this list of the past year’s top earners… you might consider changing careers!

Parade has finally released its annual list of celebrity earnings from the past year, and it looks like Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart both need to invest in bigger wallets! They each made more than $15 million — clearly it pays to be involved with Taylor Lautner — but which young starlet earned more?

It was a close race, but Taylor wins with $17.2 million against K-Stew’s very impressive $16 million. Come to think of it, this is a huge victory for Kristen. To make almost as much as Taylor, who’s been a hugely successful musician a lot longer than Kristen’s been a well-known actress, is quite a feat. Well done, K-Stew!

Here’s what other celebs took home in the past year, according to Parade:

1. Tiger Woods: $110 million
2. James Cameron: $50 million
3. Stephenie Meyer: $50 million
4. Ellen DeGeneres: $35 million
5. Jay Leno: $32 million
6. Johnny Depp: $25 million
7. Lindsey Vonn: $3 million
8. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: $2,200

Chin up, Snooki! You’re just getting started.

Source via kstewartfans