The Twilight Saga: New Moon might not have been the biggest in overall domestic or worldwide intake for 2009, despite the best efforts of Twilight fans to make it so, but it still holds the top title for quite a few posts.

As you already know, New Moon secured the top spot for midnight ticket sales and opening day numbers on November 20th, 2009, bringing in well over seventy million dollars within twenty-four hours.

According to Box Office Mojo’s latest New Moon report, the film “still holds the record[s]” for those showings.

“It also stands as the biggest teen romance and vampire movie on record, eclipsing the first Twilight for the title,” Box Office Mojo’s Brandon Gray reports.

Oddly enough, and you’ve probably heard this before, New Moon takes the cake for “being the most front-loaded blockbuster ever, making 48 percent of its total gross on its first weekend alone.”

Interesting, eh?

Any theories on why New Moon was so “front-loaded” in numbers?

BOM goes on to report that internationally, New Moon did very well as compared to last year’s Twilight.

“The greatest growth for New Moon,” BOM reports, “came on the foreign front. It has pulled in $413.1 million thus far, more than doubling what Twilight made. That puts its worldwide total at $710 million versus Twilight’s $385 million.”

Source: TwilightExaminer