As the clock ticks on toward the release date of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, post-production progress on the film is being made in the ADR (automated dialogue replacement, a.k.a. “dubbing”) department for at least a few of the Twilight castmembers.

Both Ashley Greene (“Alice Cullen”) and Peter Facinelli (“Dr. Carlisle Cullen”) have spoken up about the footage they’ve seen during their bits of ADR work, and they have both issued positive statements.

In an interview with MTV, Ashley Greene talked about the clips she got to see.

“[T]he werewolves just look incredible in this one,” she reported. And “the whole fight sequence that I’ve seen really looks amazing.”

Greene admitted that the wolves in The Twilight Saga: New Moon were not too shabby at all, but said that “we’re always trying to outdo ourselves, and so they look really incredible.”

“I definitely think there is one scene in particular between Jackson [Rathbone]’s character Jasper and my character Alice that I think everyone is going to like,” she added. Wonder which one she means?

Peter Facinelli’s ADR reflection came by way of his Twitter page.

“Did some ADR for #Eclipse today. The scenes I saw looked great. Very excited,” he reported.

Very excited? Us too. June 30th couldn’t come soon enough!

TwilightSource via TwilightExaminer