Robert Pattinson to bulk up for ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’. According to, Robert Pattinson, star of Summit Entertainment’s incredibly successful “Twilight” franchise, is reportedly planning to hop on the Taylor Lautner band wagon by bulking up for the highly anticipated fourth installment in the vampire series titled “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”.

Pattinson has reportedly been consuming excess protein including whole chickens from a UK establishment known as Nandos. A source for the website informed them that Pattinson visits the restaurant regularly and orders the peri peri chicken. “Rob is a regular visitor to the Victoria branch in London. The customers can never believe it’s really him or how much he eats! He’s mad about the peri peri chicken.”

Well, so much for the scrawny actor we’ve all grown used to, eh? If the British hunk thought it was breeze getting the ladies before, he has no idea what he’s in for if he puts on 20 pounds of muscle. We’ll keep you posted.

Source via TwilightishBlog