50 Cent made a cameo at the “New Moon” premiere last fall and now the MC is making a case to bring Robert Pattinson on board as a new artist he’d like to mentor.

Though we have yet to see if the “Twilight” star even has rap skills, he is a musician, so it’s not too much of a stretch (plus, we think “RPattz” would make a great MC name!). Plus, 50 makes a good point: “Twilight” is super popular. And, maybe even popular enough to give the R-Pattz some street cred.

“Robert has a big enough following to be the frontline,” 50 laughed to MTV News. “‘Twilight’ ain’t no joke.”

In fact, the rapper is so serious about the franchise that he got all dressed up to hit the “New Moon” premiere red carpet. “I came out to enjoy the festivities,” 50 told MTV News in November. “You see the energy, all the kids out. They been out here for a few days waiting to see this. Me too, I want to check it out. I’m going to try to enjoy it.

“It feels like rock-star energy to me,” he continued. “If anybody else is denying that, they probably got a little bit of jealousy going on or something. The energy is real.”