After months of anticipation, last week The Runaways finally opened in select cities.

As you know, I saw the flick and loved it. (Bring your girlfriends! Bring a flask!) When the cast came through Austin for South by Southwest, I got a few minutes with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning to chat and, mainly, ask them your questions.

Before we hop to it, perhaps I should set the scene: This conversation took place in a hotel conference room, where the two stars were brought in by several publicists and bodyguards. Stewart spent much of the time doodling an octopus on a legal pad. After eight minutes, they were escorted out of the room.

Our chat is below. Kristen took her octopus on her way out.

Me: Well, since we’re at South by Southwest, one thing a lot of people want me to ask is what music you’re into right now.

Stewart: Right. I listen to The Shins and Radiohead and Interpol. And we saw Band of Horses last night, and that was awesome, because they’re, like, my favorite band right now. I love Camera Obscura and Jenny Lewis. I’m just pumping ’em out — I never do this! I’m always like, “Oh, I don’t answer that question.”

Me: It’s a hard one.

Fanning: I really hate that question. It scares me, it makes me nervous. Because I think people judge you a lot on the music that you listen to.

Stewart: It’s so defining. Which is why people want to know, because it does say a lot about you.

Fanning: They want to categorize you.

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