The most oddly high-profile release of the weekend was the romantic drama Remember Me. The film was seen by many as a test of Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s draw as a movie star. Of course, if Summit was trying to prop up the numbers by attaching the Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer to prints of Remember Me, it might have helped if they had NOT released the trailer online the day before the opening. So while some may decry the ‘mere’ $8.3 million, we must recall that a movie like this wouldn’t have made $1.75 if not for what drawing power Pattinson has. Sure Shia Labeouf can open slickly-marketed thrillers like Eagle Eye and Disturbia, but let’s see what happens when he has to open a movie all-by himself that doesn’t already look particularly appealing.

Besides, as word leaked out about the film’s extended-middle finger of an ending, even some of Pattinson’s die hard fans apparently decided to stay away. Speaking of females, the gender split was 84/16 on this one. Point being, if he can open Remember Me to $8.3 million all by himself, he may just be a movie star. The last new opener was My Family’s Wedding, which debuted with $7.6 million. The star-studded wedding comedy (Lance Gross, America Ferrera, Forest Whitaker, Taye Digs, Regina King, Carlos Mencia, etc) was yet another Fox Searchlight release to open on just over 1500 screens, so the per-screen average of about $4,700 wasn’t too terrible. Again, if this one cost what it should have cost, everyone will make out fine.

Source via RobPattzNews