It’s a blast sitting down with these two very talented young women. It’s a casual scene. Both girls are barely wearing any jewelry or make-up (unlike their characters in the film) and the uniform of the day seems to be jeans and layered tanks topped by a checked shirt for Kristen and a silk tank top and skinny jeans for Dakota.

Where the girls seem to split fashion statements is with their shoes. Dakota is rockin’ some super high black heels and Kristen, who regularly scorns stilettos, is in ballet flats.

The young stars have bounced into our interview suite with greetings and plant themselves next to each other. Kristen is keeping the day going with a Red Bull. Let’s roll…..

TeenHollywood: Was it really helpful to have the real Joan and Cherie, the two people you played, around so you could chat with them about the roles?

Dakota: I think it’s amazing when you have the actual people there. It’s like the ultimate. With all characters, if there were a real person you could talk to, it would be amazing.

Kristen: Yeah.

Dakota: And when you are actually living someone’s life over again, for them, it has to be so surreal and you want them to be as involved as they want to be and, luckily, they wanted to be as involved as we wanted them to be.

Kristen: Yeah.

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