Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are having a blast. The duo play iconic rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie respectively in the new rock ‘n’ roll biopic “The Runaways” and are currently in the middle of a cross-country publicity tour. Normally, most actors would be sick and tired of constantly talking about one movie — and Stewart should know after all the hours she’s discussed the “Twilight” franchise — but you’d never know both actresses have been pushing this film since its debut at Sundance in January.

Laughing through a sit down with some assembled members of the press on Wednesday in Los Angeles, the actors discussed everything from the pressure of playing the founding members of The Runaways to their own eclectic musical tastes. More intriguing, however, was how the young stars handled questions about the on screen kiss and implied sex scene between Currie and Jett as they toured the country as teenage rockers.

Stewart notes, “It was in the script as a really fleeting thing. It was sort of also written very abstractly and vaguely. ‘Did they? Yeah, they did.’ Y’know what I mean? So, yeah and I feel it’s that way for them too. The fact it’s been called a ‘love scene’ or the fact ‘So, tell us about your romantic involvement?’ is like ‘What?'”

“I mean, I think it’s just something that happened,” Fanning adds. “I don’t even know if they have talked about it since. Y’know what I mean? It was just a thing and in the script it was just another thing. It’s not that big of a deal.”

One reporter surprisingly threw the gauntlet at Fanning asking her if she was concerned about criticism about playing a character who drinks, does drugs and has sex when she’s only 15-year-old. The actress was unequivocally ready for it.

“There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like what you are doing and doesn’t like, y’know, your movies and thinks you shouldn’t be doing [this or that] and you can never make everybody happy,” Fanning says confidently. “In this movie, I was 15 playing another 15-year-old. She went through all this when she was 15 and why am I too good that I can’t portray that when there are people everywhere younger than that going through much worse”

“We’re snorting vitamin B. C’mon,” Stewart says as laughter fills the room.

Was it good?

Stewart smiles and says, “Yeah, it was good.”

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