“Remember Me” is a different sort of thing altogether.

I think it’s very good, beautifully shot and with the young Rob Pattinson working very hard, giving of himself. He has his head on his shoulders, so, really, hats off to him. I want the best for the lad, ’cause I’m really fond of him. He’s a lovely lad. Has a huge following, and hopefully he’ll stick to his guns and not get overwhelmed by it all.

Like Pattinson’s “Twilight,” you know a bit about franchises, no?

There are worse things [laughs]. I have nothing but gratitude for the time time spent as Bond and the life it gave me as an actor. And yet, in the realm of things, it’s just another character on the landscape of a career. Albeit a huge, iconic, symbolic character. You know going in you’re going to have the devil to pay to get you out and try and create a career that still has resonance.

Source and spunk_ransom.com via RPLife