Comment #7 – Meiyun You win the ‘New Moon’ Movie Companion Booklet!

Comment #22 – Laurentheinfamoushobo You win the ‘New Moon’ People Magazine Edition!

Congratulations! Enjoy the Prizes!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and followed!


This is my first contest. It’s for this ‘New Moon’ Movie Companion Booklet. That is the #1 Prize.

The 2nd prize is this People Magazine ‘New Moon’ Edition

I will use this site to choose the winners!  When I get to 2,000 followers on Twitter (Follow Me Here!) I will begin the contest.  To enter, all you have to do is post a comment to this specific post. I will tweet the winners after the contest is completed. Good Luck!

( One comment only from each person. Please no spamming. That will just make the contest results take longer. Thank you!)